Audience, friends, online presence. These are all words that describe the people who come to visit the blog and are introduced with a snap shot of my life.  One of my continuous goals for this semester is to promote my blog to others and gain a more significant online presence.  I have been so fortunate to have such supportive friends by my side, who check out my blog and provide me with feedback and constant love. At the beginning of the semester, I was not sure how I was going to manage an online presence while incorporating the feedback from my viewers into my blog aesthetics.  How could I possibly make my blog more present offline and online? Who could I promote my blog to and what type of audience would be drawn to my type of posts?  It took some thought and many suggestions from family and friends, to get a wider perspective of what were suitable changes to the aesthetics and design of

At this point of the worldofwave journey, I have noticed that many more people have come to visit the blog!  I never would have thought that my initial promotional blog post on my personal social media would amount to the number of views I have received over this past week!  I am incredibly blown away by the amount of time and support people have put into taking a look at the blog, and constantly supporting it.  I would have imagined that the majority of my audience are individuals who are interested in fashion and style.  After thinking about how I have brought attention to the blog, I think most of my audience are friends and family.  They are the ones that know me best and can provide me with useful and open-minded feedback, that will only challenge me to make the blog better and better!  An additional way that I have documented my online presence with others, is the use of my Instagram to develop another audience circle.  With each post I make during the week, I also provide a mini shout out the website, in case anyone is interested in the additional content that I create. 

The audience and readers that I have, have immensely shaped the design and editorial decisions that I have made over the course of this blogging journey.  When I first began Instagram, I was always concerned with my account aesthetics and content, because I felt that it was not the same as every other well-established style blogger out there.  It was hard for me to accept that I was not the same as them, in terms of content, editing style, and physical appearance.  As I am writing this, I think about the previous posts I have made on positivity and empowerment.  Why compare yourself against others, when being different is a powerful thing, not a drawback?  Since then, I have focused on my own envisioned theme and message that I want my readers to take away from my blog.  

The comments I receive from each person, are so heartwarming and motivating. Many of them are centred around creating my content and continuing to develop posts that are unique to me. I use a rose tint filter for some of my posts, because it reminds me and others to live life through rose coloured glasses. ‘La vie en rose’ is a significant quote to me, because without the positivity and warmth we bring, there is no joy to our lives. One reader gave me feedback and told me that I could use more unique filters when I edit, to make my pictures stand out more. This changed the way I viewed my blog, and has made me work harder to add new elements.