Since the beginning of university, I have been more dedicated to the use of technology and social media.  It has felt as though I am becoming dependent on it for the latest updates, style inspiration, and my main way of communication.  I don’t think that I would be able to be offline for an entire month, but I could do it for a few days at a time.  For my own personal life, social media is more than just a site for gaining Instagram followers, or adding more friends on Facebook. As an introvert/ambivert, my creativity and self-expression comes from the posts that I make on my self-made Instagram account and website.  I haven’t always had an easy time with expressing my personality or interests with others, but when I had the opportunity to create my own title and put together outfits, it created an alternative outlet for me to be myself.  With the continuously growing audience that fashion and lifestyle bloggers have been gaining, I have sometimes felt as though my material is not clean cut and ‘perfect’.  Instagram; just one of the many social media outlets can convince us that we must strive to take only the perfect and most clear photos in order to maintain an ‘aesthetically pleasing’ feed.  After having worldofwave for 4 years, it has undergone some major changes and will hopefully grow with a larger audience.  One of the most important take-away lessons I have learnt, is to create content that I am HAPPY with.  There is no need to edit every inch of my face and body, because a smile is my favourite way to take a photo. There are no expectations as to how I should dress, pose, or present myself because each individual can be whoever they want to be.

I hope that the Instagram culture can change in a positive way, to encourage young individuals to express themselves without judgement, critique, or negativity. Through positive quotes and empowerment, I hope to develop a new future for social media where posts can be uplifting and natural. PUB 101 has already shown me that my personal image and online presence is important to be unique, and that we are free to be ourselves in this world. Often, kindness and empathy are not the main foundation for fashion and lifestyle blogs, but I wanted to create a new ‘genre’ of blog and Instagram theme.

The weekly ‘word of wave’ was brought as an idea by a friend I’ve met in PUB 101; Megan! Her work is focused on spreading kindness and empowering others around us to be empathetic. Our world and community needs more positivity and radiance, so grab your daily dose of happiness from the! Be sure to check out her blog!

Life is better when you’re laughing! Bye for now!