Happy Monday friends!

This week has been the busy start of this blog and the exciting things to come! Initially when I created this blog, I experienced quite a few challenges. There were many decisions that had to be made, including my URL name, the overall website aesthetics, my ‘vision’, and the links that could be made to my social media. From the beginning of the semester, I had began some plans for the upcoming year in regards to my blog and the instagram account that I have set up with it. I was very set on keeping my original account: @worldofwave, because it could pair well with my Instagram account that was originally made back in 2017. Ever since then, I have always wanted to continue this journey using the same name. The main challenge that I encountered was with my URL. Originally worldofwave.com was taken by another domain user, so I decided to take a few days and think about the other options I had for domain names. Eventually, worldofwave.ca came up, and that is when this blog was born! My website aesthetics and overall ‘vision’ for this blog, came from my Pinterest boards and inspiration of my instagram account. Many of the colours that I was wanting to collectively use, included: warm tones, blush tones, and varying tones of white and cream.

This ‘vision’ first came about with my ideas to use my Pinterest boards, and pick out images that worked best with my ideas and overall message for the blog. Over time with my Instagram account, I edited my pictures in different ways, but this year I wanted to be more consistent with the grid posts. This blog was my plan to be a reflection of how the blog would be formatted, and allow for more discussions to begin. I have been able to explore more with different mediums and social media platforms, to build this blog.

Inspiration locations:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worldofwave/
My Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.ca/itsmewave/