Bonjour friends! 

Cheers to a new week and new day! Can you believe it’s already March? I feel like the year has gone by so fast already, but in a good way.  Every day seems to be busy and packed with new challenges and things to do.  The weekly word of wave and challenge of this week, is updating the blog! This week I received some good advice for my blog, from one of my peers Klairam!  She was very open to giving me some suggestions in how my blog could be elevated to another level, and with that I was able to make some changes that can help my blog develop more.  The main feature that she discussed, was the picture resizing of all my photos within my blog posts.  Klairam advised me to try and fix the general sizing of the photos, so that when a viewer tried to see both my picture and the text within it, they could both be viewed at the same time.  I was curious as to how I would change it, because the formatting and resizing could be altered in certain blog settings but not my own.  From the image features listed on the ‘posts’ portion of my blog settings, I was only able to resize the entire image and not the combination of both text and image together.  The ability to resize and format my pictures can vary with each device that the blog is viewed on because I tried it on my laptop as well, and the picture and post were able to shrink together simultaneously.  I hope there are other features and details of my website that can be improved and adjusted in the near future, as I would like to give a fresh vibe to the blog!  If you have any suggestions for me, be sure to click on contact page to submit suggestions.

Be you bravely,