This is the vision board created by Adam of

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing a peer’s site, to explore their personal domain and learn more about their creative process.  I was lucky to be able to visit the site and explore the vision that Adam had for his web project.  When I first entered the website, I was immediately drawn to the typewriter font that is on the home page and founding principles area.  Rather than using a common font style like ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Arial’, the typewriter font gave the overall website aesthetics a vintage black and white feel.  The contrasting shades and images chosen for Adam’s vision board, develop an atmosphere that captures the electronic dance music culture and community of Vancouver. It was a dimensional and creative approach to the blog vision, and I felt that the images contributed to what Adam wanted to capture in the final look.  Being a fresh new face to the scene of electronic dance, I found it to be inspiring to read his excerpt on the home page, because it gave me a glimpse into the persona that Adam encompasses online and offline.  His dedication to the Vancouver dance culture and community that he is a part of, shows how passionate he is for this subject.

In his first article ‘Talking to Strangers -Can- Make you Happy”, he incorporated his personal experiences of attending shows and meeting new people.  His honesty and openness to how he felt starting conversations with strangers, is relatable and can be helpful to the many people who experience these same feelings.  To end off this post, he brought a hopeful and happy ending.  Starting a conversation with strangers can be a challenge for many, and for Adam to be truly honest with his audience was a strong feature of the blog.  Adam’s development of his online self was articulated through the vision board, unique voice through the blog and process posts, and the design decisions made.  The colour choice, objective perspective he took, and the passion for the electronic dance community shows through the placement of the posts, tags, and logo.  

For future development, could add in local music events and clips of music that should be featured on the website.  Whether it is a playlist that Adam makes or a curated collection of local electronic music events, readers may feel more engaged with a wider community and the blog creator.  For new readers and individuals who are listening to electronic dance music for the first time, they want to feel engaged within this alternative cyberspace. Having audience members listen to the current favourites or tracks that are the most popular or interesting, can create a new dimension to the domain.  Readers who enjoy the site, will be interested in what Adam is currently listening to, and the events that he may be attending in the next month or so.  Another addition that could add an alternative dimension to Ammeter, is personal pictures and images.  With the amount of experience and knowledge Adam has about the local electronic dance music community, he could include pictures from events he attends.   Adam’s site is a great read, so be sure to check it out!

Keep on smiling!