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This week is all about integration of more transmedia channels and building a personal brand and company. Since the beginning of my website journey and Instagram development, I have thought about the various channels that I could build upon for the future. Instagram was the first place where I started creating content and taking photos, but I still think it can be hard to expand a brand off of a single platform. I really enjoy using this form of social media, because I am focusing on the visual aspects of a brand rather than the text that is included. Creativity, visuals, and artistic expression are my favourite areas to utilize because pictures portray such powerful messages in ways that words cannot explain. As the famous quote “pictures tell a thousand words”, Instagram is an ideal creative tool for me to use.

Our class had a great speaker, Darren Barefoot come to visit and discuss about digital marketing and strategic communications methods. He made a very significant point about the ‘heartbeats’ and ‘remarkable’, which can each change the outcomes of your blog success. Heartbeats are the aspects of the blog that are what keep the website ‘alive and well’, such as emails, PR ads, and social media. In contrast, the remarkables are additional website features that are risky and unique to your own. These can include PR gimmicks, pop-up events and special fundraising events. One of the main take-aways from Darren was that “risky is safe, and safe is risky”. This really resonated with me because I know for myself that I am too cautious with my website, and would rather not change the original theme and content. But with his advice, I am inspired to create a website plan and find alternative ideas and posting categories that I can test out within the next month or so. You will never know what will come out of trying something new, until you put yourself out into the world and experiment with new mediums.

Some of the main questions that I place emphasis and focus on, are ‘What is my passion? Who will be my audience? and How is my website unique?’. These questions were brought up to my attention in multiple areas, including a Women in Business seminar that I attended later in the week. Driving a business, website, blog, or brand with love and passion is an essential to making your passion a reality. Over the course of this week I have learnt to take more risks, focus on my passion for my work, and empower others through hard work and tenacity.

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