It is incredible how far this community has grown over time, because this is the final process post that will be made on worldofwave. Don’t freak out just yet! There will still be weekly blog posts and little snippets of new content, including style look books, happiness stories, and more exciting material. To be the first to know, be sure to check my Instagram for the latest! To end off this little blog journey, this week the spotlight is on community forum guidelines. What does it mean to have guidelines? I personally used to have this dilemma of what comments to keep on the site and which ones I wanted to delete. After our lecture, I kept thinking about this decision I had to make and it left me to change my perspective on comments deletion. Every comment that I receive whether it is positive or negative, I am going to leave it up for all my readers to view. I believe that each individual person has a responsibility to fulfill, and they make their own decisions to press that submit button for comments.

Here are a few guidelines that worldofwave will follow as of today:


Be mindful of each other and our differences. Although this is an online community where we are not face to face, we must respect each other regardless.

Think again: All comments on this blog, are visible to anyone……and I mean anyone and everyone. Check yourself before you wreck yourself when posting, because once you click ‘SUBMIT’ there is no turning back.

Pass on the compassion: This blog is dedicated to spreading love and kindness, so hate, sexism, and everything else nasty is not welcome.


Copycats: If you do not know/have the right to particular images, videos, and creative property, please do not post it without references. Someone spent countless hours to make or develop that idea, and we need to respect that.

Imposters: Don’t pretend to be someone else you are not with fake profile pictures or names. Taking someone else’s identity is wrong, so please be aware of that.

Personal & group attacks: Using sexism, xenophobic terms, hate speech based on race, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and disability are not welcome here.

Thank you.

The reason for these guidelines is due to a lot of personal experiences and stories that family and friends have told me about. I want to try my best to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, that is positive and empowering. Through consistent regulation of the blog and Instagram, I will be monitoring through all the comments. It is a job and responsibility to make this blog a place where readers can feel supported and free to express themselves in a kind and accepting way. I want to hear what you think! Have you ever had an experience where there were negative comments left on your social media and/or blog?

Have a fantastic week y’all!