Hello lovely friends!

It’s Wave again! This post won’t be the usual, because I had a special guest come review and share their thoughts about my blog. I am excited to welcome the one and only female Marvel superhero Storm. With her ultimate talents of controlling weather and storm patterns, she has brought us beautiful sunshine for today’s post. Here she is on worldofwave:

Storm here in the flesh, my friends! It is a refreshing scene to be reviewing a fashion and lifestyle blog, rather than being stuck on duty with my X-Men team. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the crew but I have been meaning to redecorate my wardrobe and pick out new spring fashion trends. When you’re an off duty heroine, putting together classic and simple outfits for the every day strolls, date nights, and school days are challenging. There are only so many hours within a day, and I want to look fashionable, professional, and classic all at the same time. Wave has given me some great inspiration from her blog, and I have been using Pinterest for the mood board ideas. My style can range all the time, depending on how I feel but being on the go can make it more difficult with outfit choice. I decided to find some stylish choices from worldofwave.ca, and can’t believe that I have been missing out on all of these new trends this Spring.

One of my favourite stores to look for stylish outfit ideas, that are minimalistic, versatile, and classic are from http://oakandfort.ca. 
Here are some of my favourites from their latest collection, in addition to my Pinterest finds. I did not know that Wave had a Pinterest board dedicated to minimalistic fashion, but I have become obsessed! Check it out: https://www.pinterest.ca/itsmewave/
I am so thrilled to start my Spring shopping again, and be the most fashionable one on the team again this year! I can be well dressed and impress every day.

Bye for now!