Hello friends! This week I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the bohemian and dreamy aesthetic of Bianca’s website.  Her theme, image choice and posts content, bring a unique and personalized vibe.  When I first entered her flwerchild infrastructure, I was immediately greeted by the simple yet classic floral front page.  The simplicity of the font and spacing of the words draws the reader’s attention to the main highlight of desert identity.  I really like the font choice as well as the words ‘Just a gal from the desert’, because it leaves a distinct personal association to her website.   As I browsed the various categories of her blog, academic, and about pages I noticed a consistent theme.  The use of bohemian and desert images create a welcoming and warming tone towards her readers.  There is a consistent theme that is apparent in every post and throughout the entire website, creating a unique and symbolic online presence.  I think Bianca’s use of vibrant colours and editing method are more tailored for a younger audience of 16-28 years old, because they bring a sense of youthfulness and lightness.  Her blog posts vary in topics and include travel, adventure, personal stories, and poetry.  As a female, I think these topics are ones that this particular age group are often looking to read and can often relate to the most.  By posting personal stories about love and individual experiences, the readers/viewers can enter an alternative world where they can delve into a deeper understanding of the website creator.  As an individual in this age category, I am more intrigued to read about love and personal growth, because I am experiencing the same things.  When I stumbled upon her post “How I met you.”, I felt like I was reading a story right out of a fairy tale.  I felt appreciated as a reader, because she was confident to share such a heartwarming and loving story with a public network, so thank you Bianca for this lovely post! 

Debbie Chachra discusses how our society is often hesitant to ‘have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters’ (n.p., 2015), which I find is important to highlight because we often categorize websites into the societal standards of female versus male.  Often when we view a lifestyle or fashion website, we automatically assume that it is intended for a female audience without a doubt.  Whereas a website that is based on photography or videography, is assumed to be primarily intended for a male audience.  Aside from the stereotypes of website audience, Bianca brings in a variety of post topics that can be explored by anyone and for everyone. 

As Danah Boyd discusses “networked publics serve as publics that rely on networked technologies and network people into meaningful imagined communities.  They enable for political action and provide a mechanism through which we construct our world” (2014, p. 217).  Bianca created various communities of audience members, because she has connected readers of all different interests.  The method of how she approaches them, also acts as a tool for networking. Her design of the website with the mixed tones of orange, purple, and blue hues contrast with the simple header of her web page.  Within a few minutes of reading her posts in both the blog and academic sections of her website, I felt as though I was part of Bianca’s personal life.  She has found effective ways of connecting and building relationships with her readers, through her topic choices and posts. 

To further develop a foundation for networking and audience marketability, she could add social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  These can be alternative ways to connect with her readers and post links to new posts and content that is released.  Bianca mentions that she has traveled to various cities and countries throughout the years.  Expanding her audience can be another potential future project, by reaching out to companies for collaborations and ambassador projects.  For a great read and stories, don’t forget to see Bianca’s work here!