Hello friends!

Long time no talk! This week is all about copyright and creative ownership of photos, media content, and our ideas. Because there is no particular process post topic, I wanted to focus on copyright since there has been some questions about creative ownership and self-expression. Since I began drawing and becoming interested in fashion design, I have always loved to develop my own designs and express myself through creativity. I would get my inspiration for clothing, styling, and aesthetic development through blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram. Even if the pictures were of someone else’s I would have to learn how to cite and give credit to others for their work and unique ideas. With photos, I take copyright very seriously because I want to ensure that the photographer(s) are given all the credit for their creations and design choices. Their ideas and individual expression are visually represented through their photos and the aesthetic that they develop.

A weekly word of wave thought is: Where do we draw the line for creative expression through photography choice? Does the colour choices, editing style and social media structure of photos count as copyright factors? With the constantly changing social media environment that we are submersed into, we can become too invested in our own work and forget to give credit to the original author or creator a particular piece of work. Within this blog that I have created, I would not have had this incredible opportunity to grow this project without the site creator Themematic! The structure, aesthetic, and overall image that is created within the website format is fitted to my pictures and the overall creative process that I envisioned. A majority of my photos are my own, and were taken by my friends or family. Often people are not aware of when copyright is necessary but as a beginner photographer, I can say that it takes a lot of thought, creative juices, and time to create a good photo. For most of my Instagram and blog journey, I have had to plan each outfit out and decide on the best locations for photo opportunities. If there are a combination of outfit combinations and locations, I will have to write them all out and see how each outfit can be interchanged between each spot. The creative process, background development, and pre-planned ideas take the most time in developing a good photo. For myself I love photography and photo opportunities, because it provides an outlet for myself to develop new skills and learn colour and pattern techniques. By crediting the original developer or creator, we are supporting every single person who took endless hours to develop something great and original. Copyright is an important aspect and necessary for content that is created from ourselves.

I encourage everyone to think again about copyright and the effects it has on artists, creators, and anyone who shares their unique ideas to the world. Support their work and give them a shoutout when you use their work!

You are golden!