Happy Sunday my lovely friends!

This week is a special one, because I will be featuring a website on the blog!  In a previous post, I had the opportunity to review Adam’s electronic dance music website. This time, I had the pleasure of visiting Klairam’s site and being able to review it over the course of the week.  When you first enter her blog, you will see a large bold sign that says “Klairam’s Footprints”, which draws the reader’s attention to the page.  It can be challenging to read at first, because the font colour blends in with the chosen background image.  Therefore, a lighter font colour such as white or a more simple image could be used.  The style of font is suitable, because it is easy to read and matches the chosen aesthetic of the website.  As discussed by Mauve in our PUB 101 lecture, there are many critical features that we need to be aware of, in order to develop and design a successful web page.  “Proportion is the size and scale of different elements which convey an emotion or a tension”, as Mauve emphasized in her presentation.  The choice of background could be a landscape that is significant to Klairam’s experiences, while tying together the importance of using scale as a tool for creating tension or focus on a particular area of the page.  One other feature that stood out to me when I first saw her page, was the rotating carousel of pictures.  I really liked this because it drew more attention to the centre of the page, and encourages readers to stay there for a moment.  

For easier accessibility and browsing, a future improvement could be the creation of sections for various posts and pages that are featured frequently.  I noticed that Klairam’s posts ranged in type, many of which can be put into categories such as Athletics, Personal, Posiel, and Lifestyle.  Utilizing this feature in the main top menu, can make it easier for readers to find posts that match their interests while keeping the blog posts in an organized way.  To spread the word about her blog and gain greater search engine optimization (SEO), a social media page can be made to link the two web pages together.  This can guide readers into an alternate dimension, and foster connections with other bloggers that have similar web pages.  The audience can be notified of when she posts new material, and will stay connected with her in addition to expanding her audience. Social media such as Instagram and Twitter can be the ideal outlets for keeping up to date with her website, as well as creating a sense of community in the online world.  

One way that Klairam has already been connecting with her audience, is through a responses and comments page at the bottom of her webpage.  I think this can be a great start to getting to know your viewers and have the opportunity to receive feedback and suggestions for future improvements.  I really enjoyed reading her blog posts and Posiel material, especially the sports post!  Using visuals and media can be a very useful feature of a website, because it draws more attention to a particular post and adds another dimension to the overall web page aesthetics.  For the future, original photos could be used since stock photos and clipart may indicate to a reader that there is no clear theme or aesthetic established within the website.  Companies such as Pexels develop high quality photos and images, that do not have to be cited on your own webpage.  Combining the unique content that Klairam writes with quality images, can develop a website that has a clean theme and makes it more personal with viewers.  As Gertz (2015) states “Digital design is a human assembly line”.  All webpages have very similar styles and themes, but when unique images and material are used it can make certain people stand out in a positive and good way. Readers do not want to see the same blog type over and over again, but often spend more time on blogs that are intriguing and unique.  Gertz wants digital designers and bloggers to take risks and ‘step outside of the box’, to create original content that stands out.  By utilizing new themes and resources, we are putting ourselves out to the public in a new way.  With the ideas that Klairam already has, she is off to creating a great website!  Have a look at her blog!

Cheers to the new week!!