Balance, Rythmn, Proportion, Contrast, Unity…why are these words important you ask? Well this week is all about blog aesthetics and finding the right design for expressing yourself within the online world. I have learnt so many techniques and tips from the course, as well as guest speakers that have visited. Mauve was one, and she described the importance that each of these factors had in creating a successful and well curated website. The spotlight is on one of my favourite websites; Leah Alexandra. As a local jewelry designer and artist, her website encompasses her overall style, personality, and creativity through the design of her website. On her front page, she uses the technique of balance and proportion to create a simple yet classic approach to her company. The 3 balanced images, that each highlight particular pieces of jewelry contrast with the multiple square images at the bottom of her social media portion. For the editing, there is consistent blush colouration and tint of golden yellow. As for rhythm, Leah Alexandra uses the sequencing of her product images in groups of 4, to limit the distraction that a reader may have when they see the social media section at the bottom. The blush pink, cream, and white hues draw the readers’ attention to the product, while creating a soft finish to the overall theme of the website.

When you first see the web page, her company name and drop down menus stand out. The different types of jewelry are clearly visible and contrast against the white background, while emulating a clean cut feeling. For the future, she could try a single carousel or short clip of the jewelry on the main page. This could draw the reader’s eye to the jewelry piece, rather than the individual wearing it. I really like how it is often Leah who is modelling the jewelry, because it adds a personal ‘sparkle’ to the image and makes it more authentic. One of the most inspiring aspects of her company, is that her entire team is solely made up of women. I hope that one day she can put this as a highlight for her company page, because it serves as an empowering message for all women and young girls in the local business industry. I have always been a fan of her jewelry and the unique designs she has. Each piece holds a sense of wonder, creativity, femininity, class, and empowerment.

Using the techniques that Mauve mentioned in her guest speaker session, I decided to try them out on my website. For the images that I pair with each post, the structure is limited to a maximum of 2 images that are lined up across my web page. The theme that I chose limits me, because I do not a centralized image that draws the reader’s attention. Instead there are a few images that all come at the same time. In the next few months, I am hoping to create a carousel that will focus on key images and posts, rather than just a group of images all at once. In addition, I am hoping to have a logo or symbol to define my label and it’s overall message. For symmetry, I decided to adjust the images so that there can be more white space for a clean and simple look. The most important take away message I received from class, was ‘simple is more’.

Leah Alexandra utilizes many of the skills and techniques suggested my Mauve. Support your local jewelry artists, and have a peek at her website!

Have a lovely weekend!