Who am I? What makes me happy in life? Am I good enough? Unfortunately, we have all experienced times when we question ourselves and our individual worth. Whether it is someone else that brings us down or our own internal minds telling us negative things, we consciously break ourselves down rather than build ourselves up.  I’ve faced this challenge far too many times throughout my life, and I want to acknowledge that your purpose in life and individual perspective of self-worth is vital to building who YOU are as an individual.  

Our fingerprints are just one of many symbols that define our identity and who we are, but let your heart and passion speak for you.  To be truly honest, I still question myself and my abilities at times, because of my confidence.  This fear has limited me to expressing my full self, and being able to be take pride in who I am.  For as long as I can remember, I have always highlighted my weaknesses rather than my strengths, and rejected the compliments rather than openly accept them.  Rather than having this pattern of self-doubt, I want to reach out to others and work together to combat it.  The worth that you place on yourself, reflects your perception you have of yourself and the feelings that you internalize.  So, what makes us question our worth and why do we refuse to accept the compliments that come our way?  WE should be proud of who we are and tell ourselves each day, that WE MATTER.  Our unique skills, abilities, and personalities (and fingerprints!), are just some of the pieces that form our identities and perceptions that we have of ourselves.  

So…..the next time that someone praises you or gives you a compliment, I want you to say ‘thank you’ or ‘yes, you’re right’ rather than pft no’ or ‘no, that’s not true’. Pause and take a moment to take in the compliment and remind yourself of why you are special. There is absolutely no one in this world who is exactly you, and that is why you are unqiue and loved.  There are people all around you, who accept you for you and challenge you every day to be the best version of yourself.  

It’s hard to believe that it’s already October, but this month is especially important to me, not only because it is my birthday month but it is a month that symbolizes balance, stability, and empowerment.  Looking back to who I was as a teenager, I was shy and insecure about who I was as a person.  In class, I would avoid large group discussions because I thought my ideas weren’t good enough, and I would look at myself in the mirror and be ‘dissatisfied’ with the way I looked.  Within friend groups, I would question why I knew few people and wonder why I didn’t get invited to the latest parties or birthdays.  Although I played sports in high school, I was the one to be the follower rather than the leader, the athlete on the side rather than in the spotlight.  I began to believe more and more, that in order to be ‘worthy’, I had to have a certain number of friends and have a certain personality to be likeable.  It was a constant cycle of self-doubt, little confidence and insecurities, that led to feelings of defeat but I ended up realizing that I would need to accept myself before others could accept me.

University, school opportunities, jobs, new relationships, and family helped me realize what self-worth really meant.  It isn’t the number of people you know, how many followers you have on social media, a dollar value that you represent, or what your personality letters are, it is the raw and realness of yourself that makes you worthy and important.  I have never had the chance to vocalize my thoughts, ideas, and experiences in such a powerful and freeing way, like I have with this blog.  I would have never thought that my way to reach out to others and bring my forward would be through a screen and a social media page.  If you are in a moment of your life where you don’t feel your full self and are unsure of where your life will take you, do not worry.  One of the key things that needs to be addressed, is the acknowledgement of yourself and how you treat yourself.  The way that you perceive yourself in the world, will allow you to see what characteristics you associate yourself with; whether it is the negative or positive.   With a piece of paper, split it into 2 sections, and label one side with ‘what I would change about myself’ and the remaining side with ‘what I love about myself’.  Give yourself 5 minutes to write down as many words or phrases that you can on the paper.  After those 5 minutes, I want you to get another piece of paper and number it from #1-10. For each number, you will ask yourself one question: “Who am I?”. After the question has been asked each time, you will write the first words that come to mind.  Then you will ask the same question a second time, a third time, and so on.  What words did you get each time, and what traits do you love about yourself? 

If you feel comfortable, share these 2 lists with friends, family, and colleagues, while encouraging them to do the same.  It can sometimes be challenging to see ourselves in a positive way, but I want to remind you that YOU MATTER.  Do not let others tell you otherwise, because there is a reason for why you are here to empower, inspire, and love yourself and others, while learning more about yourself. I challenge each of you to say 1 positive affirmation to yourself in the morning, before starting the day. Whether it is “I got this!”, “I am beautiful”, ‘This is my day’, or anything that inspires you.  

‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see’

Keep being the beautiful and priceless you that you are,