Hello again friends!

This week I want to focus on personal goals, while giving a late welcome to the new year. It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through January, but there are so many things I still want to reflect on. 2018 was a year filled with happiness, memories, smiles, and challenges. I experienced a new level of personal growth and self confidence that I have never felt before, and 2019 will be the continuation of this and so much more. Last year taught me important life lessons, including empowerment and self-worth. The negative energy that I found myself to be a part of at times did not build up my self confidence, but instead broke it down. I found that the people that matter most and spread happiness and positivity, are the ones that I stay close to within my life. A daily reminder for me, is that there is a reason for each person that enters my life. They build up who you are, although in the moment it may seem as though they only bring you down. I have become stronger (in many ways), happier, and more confident with the experiences that I have gone through.

2019 is going to be a year of strength, empowerment, and positivity. I hope that I can:

  1. Be KIND
  2. Cry less, smile more
  3. Be confident, happy, and accepting of who I am 
  4. Spread positivity and ‘good vibes’ only
  5. Put my effort into keeping in touch with people who really matter
  6. Ignore the negativity that comes my way, and use it to my advantage
  7. Work hard, dream, laugh more, and take on adventure
  8. Never give up until I am proud

I hope that you can get ideas for your own 2019 goals, and strive to make this the best year yet for yourself and everyone around you. Be on the lookout for new style content, coming to you soon!

Good vibes,


Outfit Details:
Shearling jean jacket – H&M // Sweater – Little Mountain MDV // Plaid shirt – Aritzia // Legggings – Lululemon // Toque – Herschel