Welcome back to the worldofwave friends! It has been way too long since we last talked, but I hope that you have all been doing well so far. These past couple of weeks, I have been thinking a lot more about personal growth, self-esteem, and confidence. I realized that as much as I want to challenge myself and grow to new levels, sometimes I stop myself. Self-esteem and confidence are traits that each individual gradually learns to embrace, but the timing is dependent on each individual. I think it’s a skill to be able to mentally and physically push yourself to new levels, while keeping a confident mindset. As a teen, I didn’t have a lot of confidence because I was unsure of where I fit in and what groups I belonged in. I was afraid to speak up, take a leadership role, and try new things within school and outside of it.

Flash forward to this day, where I have learnt more about myself than I have ever before. Being fully confident and comfortable with who I am, is still a journey, but I am so fortunate for all the people that I am surrounded by that have helped me grow. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t be as certain about myself in comparison to others, but everyone reaches that level as different stages and times. When you find happiness and compassion for yourself, I think that something big has been accomplished. Over the years I have come to realize that once you accept yourself for who you TRULY are, then a new level of self-love is reached. Life is an adventure and for it to be fully traveled, you need yourself to be present.

The flaws, strengths, unique traits, and your personality are some of the many things that add to the person that you have grown to be today. I have always tried to push myself to new limits and encourage others around me to do the same. Whether the challenge is for yourself or to support someone else, build each other up in positive and kind ways. Find the things that drive your passion and be proud of what you accomplish!

Sending good vibes your way!