How many friends do you have? What is your salary? How much do you weigh? Often our identity and ‘value’ is dependant on the answers to these types of questions, and our minds can often trick us into thinking that our worth is based solely on numerical values. We often become defined by a few insignificant numbers, that ultimately form our individual perception and cause us to question ourselves and our worth.  

What if we took a moment to question others’ actions and assess how it makes us feel?  The chance to recognize our individual value that we give to people in our life is in front of us, but can often be challenging to grasp within the world we are a part of. Recognizing and valuing our individual strengths, skills, and traits can be the beginning of refocusing our energy into what makes us each unique and special.  Appreciating your own work, skills, and knowing what drives your happiness and joy are the first steps to placing greater value on yourself.  How does self-love develop and where does self-worth begin to grow?  

If we were each to take a moment to describe ourselves, would we find it challenging? We become consumed with all the traits and qualities that we think we are ‘missing’, and forget about what we already have.  What we portray ourselves to be, is just one of many layers that we are each made of and often is hidden from the people around us.  We often do not acknowledge the value that is within ourselves, and are unable to convince ourselves that we truly are worthy. If a stranger or a friend tells us ‘you have a nice smile’ or ‘you are hardworking’, then we are more inclined to be convinced. Is it more difficult to compliment ourselves, rather than accepting compliments from others? We are all such diverse and unique individuals, that experience different levels of self-acceptance and ways of expressing self-confidence.

I want YOU to acknowledge yourself more, and give yourself some more respect and compassion.  So here is my challenge for you…each day I want you to join me on a journey to encourage others to see their greater worth and value.  Every day, you will answer these 2 questions:

1. Describe one trait about yourself that you are grateful for
2. List one goal or thought you have for the day

Every time that you have to answer, there should be a different response or idea unless you feel as though the same idea remains with you for the next day.  Visualizing who you are and recognizing your value, is one of the many ways to express gratitude for yourself.  By writing it down, you are not only visualizing the ideas and thoughts, but also realizing these traits on your own.  Value in yourself is found in many ways, and is not only within physical traits/characteristics. 

To love yourself, you must first begin to learn about yourself and focus on YOU.  As the notable quote: “you must love yourself first, before you can love others”, is a lesson to learn from, but can also be centered around the balance of loving yourself and others simulataneously.  We need to focus our energy on the positive and the people that bring us happiness, who can withstand the good times and bad that we each experience.  Affirmation must come from yourself, and not others.  It begins with placing high value on yourself, and from that mindset you will be more likely to radiate that confidence outwards towards others. The definition that you encompass is what you make of it, and how you channel yourself with life’s adventures.  

Although we all have days that carry the ups and downs, I want YOU to join me in a greater movement towards self-love, positive worth, and outward compassion towards others. At the end of the day, it is just a number. Your worth is not determined by a number, the things that others think, say, or do. You hold the control to create your own value and worth. It can only be as significant as you let it be. 

You are worthy, important and above all, valued in every way possible.