It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? To all the dear readers of this blog, I am alive even though it’s been a solid month since I last posted! It has been a hectic few weeks and the blog needs a little dusting off, but I have another post coming at you today. A topic that has come up pretty often and has always been a passion of mine, is about BODY POSITIVITY.

What is that you ask? In a short and simple description, I would say it’s about self-love and acceptance. Previous posts that I have made, talk about what it feels like to be living in a world of social media and idealistic expectations that we place on each other. I think being a body positive role model, can be anyone who shows others that they are accepted and loved for who they are; whether that means in terms of physical, social, or emotional traits. Recently, I found out that many clothing companies are beginning to use mannequins of all shapes and sizes, to create a more realistic representation of the individuals that shop their stores.

They are changing the way that our society is being viewed, and I believe that we are moving towards a stronger community that accepts and celebrates all kinds of beauty. Growing up, I found it difficult to fully accept who I was, for who I was, and see the positive traits about myself. Looking back at the past and comparing it to who I have become today, much of the credit goes to the family and friends that have brought out the best in me. They have shown me that I can be proud of the body I am in, while living a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym, doing spin classes, and running are just a few of the things that have motivated me to maintain a positive mindset and focus on myself.

Although many of the things I mention are physical activity and exercise, there are many other ways for people to stay healthy and live in a positive way. Going out for a walk, breathing in the ocean air, spending time with loved ones, or even sitting at the park for a break are just some ways to foster body positivity. I became too focused on the traits of others, that I often forgot to give myself credit for being the person I was. The constant comparison we may unconsciously notice about ourselves, is something to become more aware of. When you feel yourself being critical about yourself, take a breath and alter that mindset. Combat each negative comment, with a loving compliment towards yourself.

It can be difficult over time to find the love for yourself, but I challenge YOU to tell yourself one positive thing each day. We can sometimes be caught up in the moment with our every day lives, that we tend to forget self care and self love. I’ve been able to grow and learn so much from the people around me, gaining support and love from some of the people I have met over the years. Find your people and squad; the ones who make you smile, laugh, bring sunshine to your days, and continuously support you.

One of the many quotes I live by: “Be such a beautiful soul that people crave your vibes”

Much love,