Cheers friends to a new week! It’s been a long awaited time since I’ve been active on the blog, but I wanted to check in with everyone. Recently, I have been brainstorming new ways to alter the website and add fresh content for the next few months. This week, I wanted to focus on sparking joy and happiness…kind of ‘Marie Kondo-ing’ but lifestyle version. Growing up, time was a part of my life that I was not worried about because it seemed like I had all the time in the world to be in school, spend time with friends, and do whatever I wanted. At a younger age, I was not concerned about what and how I spent my time, but as I learnt more about friendships the aspect of time became more relevant to me. My schedule became more busy, leaving me to be in a dilemma of how I was going to balance everything that was going on in my life. It was hard for me to try and think of what I was going to do, as I got older my life got busier and busier.

I think Time is an essential aspect of any friendship or relationship, because it can represent the amount of effort that individuals are willing to put forward. The concept of ‘sparking joy’ can be applied to every day life and how we can live every day. We can ask ourselves, ‘what makes us happy?’, ‘who do I enjoy spending time with?’, ‘how do I want to live life?’. These are questions that can be hard to explain and answer, but if we have an idea of what we strive for it can become a clearer idea for the future. In a world where we can become consumed by social media, we may lose sight of our limited time that we have for family and friends. Time is precious and you should spend it with and on people that are significant in your life. The individuals that lift you up and support you in positive and challenging ways, are the ones that will stick around for you in the thick and thin. Do not forget your worth and the precious time that you hold, because it is limited.

I recently received some great advice from a loved one, who told me that spending time on yourself is also very important. YOU are the one person that can be there for yourself no matter what, and ‘self-love’ and ‘me time’ is crucial to build inner strength. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves, because you deserve all the best. Talk to you all soon!

Keep your soul happy,