Time…….it’s something that we often take for granted, although it’s limited. I never thought twice about what time meant to me, until I began to use it freely without truly thinking about where it was being spent. For some of the people that I dedicated all my time to, I received nothing in return and that began to change the way I navigated the depths of friendships and relationships, and time. My past has taught me a few lessons, and shown me who and where I want to spend my time. One of the main lessons, is to find the time for moments that bring you happiness and make you smile. At the beginning of university, I spent countless hours trying to find acceptance from others, and that made me miserable and feel unconfident. Instead of building self acceptance for myself and spending time with the people that already cared for me, I was seeking new friendships that lasted for a semester or two. As I think back on what I experienced, I began to learn that the quality of friendships will always stand the test of time, compared to the number of people that you surround yourself with.

I began to put my happiness as a priority, to ensure that I surrounded myself with people that brought out the best in me and shed a light on my life. As cliché as it sounds, time is limited and with every second, minute, and hour we spend, it matters. If there is one lesson that I hope that every single person takes away from this blog, is that ‘YOU are worth so much, and you only deserve people in your life that make an effort to be in your life’.

When we first begin school, we know everyone in our classroom but as we enter high school and university, the dynamics of friendship change. We develop deeper connections with people that we share common interests, and who bring the right ‘vibes’ to our every day lives. Time can also be an indicator for deciding how to spend the time, and where the time should be divided. In my early years of university, I didn’t have many friends and connections that I could reach out to. I kept to myself most of the time but put all my energy and time into fostering the friendships that I had, because I was afraid to lose them. The constant effort, time, compassion, and dedication I put into the friendships was not reciprocated, but I continued to give people more ‘chances’ to make it up. Each time I didn’t receive a text back or an offer to spend time, I felt more and more defeated.

Fast forward to my 2nd year of university, where I found myself in a new faculty and moving my focus onto new ideas and putting myself out into the school community. In my “IN THE {COMFORT} ZONE” post, I talk about my experience challenging myself, and building my self confidence over time. My new journey began with a job poster outside of a fitness centre, but little did I know that the rest of my time in university would be dedicated to something that I am passionate about. The people within this organization, are just some of the people that have shown me what my time and worth mean to them, and in turn I have kept them close to me since Day 1.

If you are experiencing this feeling now or any time, it will be okay….I promise. You will be okay, because the rocky roads that you experience now are just the bumps before you reach the smooth path. Remember the worth that you have, and that regardless of how others respond to your efforts and time, YOU should be proud of yourself. The people that make an effort to be a part of your life, want to be there for you and support all that you do.

Sending all the good vibes to you!

Much love,