Happy Friday friends!

Cheers to the end of the week, and the beginning of a new weekend. This week’s word of wave is all about piercings. You’re probably thinking, why talk about earrings? Well recently (meaning a month ago!), I got a conch piercing. It was not meant to be a spontaneous and crazy experience, but I definitely walked in without an appointment to the piercing studio. Some people have asked me why I got it in that particular spot, and it has a lot to do with personal choices. I’ve always wanted a unique piercing that is not in a common spot like the lobe, so I decided to spend a few weeks prior on Pinterest to get ideas! For anyone who is thinking about a cartilage piercing, I would suggest of planning out where you want the piercing beforehand and see how it looks with all types of jewelry.

Similar to how I think of fashion and style, piercings have acted as a way to express who I am. The choice of jewelry, piercing spot, and overall aesthetic of piercings can be a symbol of who you are and what defines your personality. Earrings can be a great way to ‘spice up’ an outfit and add a personal touch of sparkle or edge to an outfit. Whether you have one piercing or several, they are fun to add in various studs, hoops, or ear cuffs. One piece of advice, is to find a clean piercing studio that will find the perfect fit and piercing for you. If you ever get an infection or have questions, find a piercer who makes the experience a good one! I remember when I first went to get my lobes pierced, I was so scared because a needle would be used to make a hole in my ear! The encouragement that I got from the piercers and the positive energy from the friends that came with me, made it unforgettable. I have only gone to Adrenaline Vancity Piercings, so a BIG HUGE SHOUTOUT to them for making me braver when it comes to piercings (This is not sponsored, I just love their studios!).

If you have a great piercing story, feel free to comment or share with me @worldofwave

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Earring details (from the bottom to the top):
‘Huggie’ hoops from Leah Alexandra¬†
Simple studs from my parents
Silver conch piercing from Adrenaline Piercing