Hello friends! Long time no talk! This week has been full of assignments, papers, and studying but I wanted to take the time to check in with everyone. I know that we all are going through our own challenges and feats, but here is a lil reminder to put time aside for self-care and self-love. Personally, I have been in that position of stress, lack of motivation, and disconnect from friends and family, but know that you are being supported and loved by the people around you. It can be harder to put into action, but take the negative energy that you may feel and use it to fuel the positive energy that you need for yourself. Through hobbies that you have a passion for, dance, singing, sports, fitness…or any other healthy alternatives! For all my friends who are at the grind with school, work and classes, or anything in their personal lives, I am wishing you the best and cheering you on the sidelines.

If you haven’t spoken to certain friends for a while or sense that someone needs you, I encourage you to offer them a phone call or face-to-face meet up. To all the friends and family that are willing to offer me their time to FaceTime, call, or meet up in person……THANK YOU. In the tough and rough times, your extra care and support was greatly appreciated. If you can be anything in this world, BE KIND. Lend a hand to someone who you think needs it because it could mean the world to the one receiving.


Have a lovely week,