What drives you to wake up each day? What is the fire that is within your heart and soul, that challenges you each minute to work harder and be the best you can be?  This week I wanted to shed a light on the importance that passion and dedication play in our individual goals and our purpose. When we think of the words ‘goals’, ‘dedication’ or ‘passion’, we may also think of phrases such as ‘hard work’. In addition to hard work, I think there is a deeper meaning that is part of our individual journeys.

Hard work is only one factor that influences our underlying drive for particular things within our lives. Instead of calling it ‘hard work’, I like to use a particular term to collectively describe passion, drive, dedication, and love for something that means a lot to you. The fire that ignites our purpose, goal setting and dreams is often found within our hearts and minds. It continually fuels our desire to give 110% day in and day out, and challenges us to new adventures. ‘Heart work’ is the term I use to describe this inner feeling. Rather than just a desire to put in the effort, our hearts become linked to our passion because it directs us towards particular opportunities and experiences. Even in the hardest of days when the journey is challenging and you feel exhausted, stressed and at times mentally defeated, the heart work reenergizes you to continue. It can be an unexplainable additional jolt of energy, soul, and resilience. No matter what comes your way, you persist and continue to bring all of your heart into your work.

Whether it’s a job, volunteer placement, personal initiative or side hobby, the heart work that you create and put energy into, has meaning and purpose.  It may feel like a wave of warmth, fulfillment, purpose, or just a sense of happiness.  Whatever that feeling you get from doing what you love, keep it within your soul as a reminder to continue what drives you each and every moment. Regardless of the ups and downs, ‘heart work’ does not disappear and continues to challenge you in every way possible. You still come back each time and put in even more heart and soul to your work.

If you don’t have heart work or a true passion yet, that is completely fine!  Whether it takes days, months or years, there will be a time when a spark is ignited and you will find the purpose and passion that is within.  I’ve been so inspired by so many individuals within my life, that have made me realize what drives me. In the moment, I did not realize what created the sense of heart work but over time I began to see what made me feel fulfilled, happy and encouraged. You may not realize it within the moment, but maybe your heart work is right in front of you.

I challenge you to take a minute to think of who and/or what people around you ignite your passion and build the drive that you have for what you do. How has each person that you think of, contributed to your passion, drive and focus that you have in life? Throughout my journey, I have been so grateful to come across SO many driven people that inspire, empower and bring me joy. You can feel the warmth from the fire that is deep within them, that radiates positivity, courage and empowerment. I can’t help but smile when someone talks about their heart work and the passion they have for what they love. Although everyone experiences days of burn-out within our heart work, we need time to recharge and take time to absorb the current moment. Our heart can only hold onto so much additional strain and pressure, before we risk losing the ‘heart’ portion of the heart work. This can lead to just a sole purpose of ‘work’, and the positive energy and drive that we once had could be diminished.

“Why am I yawning so much, and it is only 3PM?, “How come I don’t feel like my complete self these past few days?” If you don’t feel like your complete self, maybe you won’t be able to do heart work? These might be thoughts that could be going through your head, when the heart work loses the ‘heart’ portion and each day just begins to pass by with more fatigue and less warmth. You may feel disconnected from yourself and others, causing you to experience less passion and positive energy. If you have felt this way or experienced this, you are not alone. Whether you want to reach out to your closest family, friends or need time for yourself , create an opportunity for yourself to take a break to regain the ‘heart’. A break can be as simple as going on a walk, giving a call to someone close to you or doing an activity that recreates energy for you. I hope that you do not feel alone in this journey of heart work, because there are people that can walk alongside you through the good and bad. In the moment you may not feel the need to have others be by your side, but they only want to be your biggest cheerleaders and advocates.

Thank you to everyone that has inspired me to do more of what I love and encouraging me to put in more heart and soul each and every day. Opening new doors and experiences that allow me to grow and become more fearless. Inspiring each other to grow and move forward in positive ways. Let your passion continue and bring others into your life who can join you. Keep the fire within your soul and don’t let anyone change that within you.