What is Happiness? I have to be truly honest, and say that Happiness is what you make of it. By definition (according to the Dictionary!), it is: : “a state of well-being and contentment”. From what I have personally experienced, I think Happiness extends well beyond this single description. In a society that is driven by material wealth, peer confirmation, and social standards, we can often lose sight of the true happiness that is lying right in front of us. I wanted to talk about it this week, because I know that I have questioned myself in whether I was living the ‘happy life’ that I should be leading. In a time that is full of stress and hurdles to overcome, I feel as though many others experience the same feeling. From time to time, I wonder if I am making the right decisions or choosing the ‘right’ way to be happy. Now I’ve only been in this world for a some twenty odd years, but I truly think that Happiness is a way to a great life. To me, Happiness is not just a state of being or a feeling, but it’s a way of living and learning. I spell Happiness with an “H” rather than with a “h”, because it is an important part of my life that is my identity and represents what I stand for. It can have a different meaning to each and every person in this world, but I hope that there is at least 1 thing a day that brings happiness to you each day.

To me, Happiness is…………………

*A sense of joy, warmth, and glow
*Doing what you love
*Achieving a life long goal
*Spark of energy
*And so much more…

What does Happiness mean to YOU? Please share and comment below!

Smile big. Laugh often.


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Dress – Aritzia // Shoes – Converse // Smile – created from my Family and Friends