For this week on worldofwave, we focus on female empowerment and girl power. Growing up, I was surrounded by the typical fashion magazines, barbies, and classic Polly Pockets….. an average little girl’s dream. Fast forward to my twenty-something ish years of knowledge and experiences, I have learnt that our world needs more female supporting male allies and strong community bonds. Young girls need to have strong and confident models within their lives, to feel supported and encouraged to fight for their dreams and passion.  It not only takes the efforts of female role models and leaders, but as well as compassionate and understanding male leaders to support female power and equality rights. My mom, grandmas, and aunts were the first strong and prominent role models and leaders I had in my life when I grew up.  As I got older and developed a voice of my own, the female and male friends that I met have inspired me to grow and express myself.  Having confident figures to be mentored and supported by, can make an impactful and empowering experience.  

Just this past week, I attended the Mejuri Making Moves: Kick Off Panel which showcases female business leaders. I was beyond empowered and inspired by these incredible women figures, because they were pushing the limits and boundaries of the market. They have paved the way for more women to take risks, and led future women into a new domains of the product and networking world.  For those of you who were unfortunately not able to make it to this event, here are a few of the most significant takeaways:

PASSION – It is one of the most powerful tools and driving forces to any business or brand that you create or work for.  If you are not happy with what you are currently doing, then you are not doing it right.  

I think that we have all experienced this feeling at least once within our lives so far, and it can be an internal struggle that we deal with.  The job that we may have hated doing or dreaded waking up at 6 AM for, could have/ still is a stepping stone for us to move ahead in the future.  I commend every person who is fighting for their dreams and being passionate for everything that they are doing.  

FEAR – This portion of the panel discussion was where I felt like I could resonate most with, because I am currently in this personal dilemma in deciding what I want to do for my future blog.  The fear of the unknown, risks, and posting of unique content is a scary concept to grasp. My mind get bombarded with questions of: “what will my viewers think?, does this fit into my feed?, and what should I do to keep my followers happy?”.  I took the time to self-reflect after the panel discussion, and realized that to grow my audience, I need to learn to not fear the new. There have been so many times when I wanted to change the editing and post theme to make mine more similar to more popular Instagram accounts, but then I would lose the uniqueness of worldofwave. With the growing use of social media at a young age, I do not want to perpetuate the societal expectations that we place on young teenage girls and boys.  Why should we encourage markets to praise only the young thin girls, when this does not accurately represent the reality and majority of the market.

SEEK DISCOMFORT AND REALIZE THE RISKS – This is important to me, because we need to take the time to realize what changes can be made to our business, blog, or career in order to put our soul into it.  One of the first steps is to deepen our roots with our identity, by creating a vision and placing ourselves in the ‘why?’.  What is our purpose?  What drives our soul and passion?  These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before seeking the true discomfort.  

I hope that I was able to share some of my thoughts on GRL PWR and the impact it has on everyone around us.  Our world needs more female representation and pride, alongside the caring and compassionate individuals that support us throughout the entire journey.  Wishing you all a warm week!