What is an audience? Who makes up the audience? We are all part of an audience, whether we want to be or not! Being an audience member as well as having an audience, can influence us in countless ways. Since the beginning of high school when I first got social media, I became an audience to the people I was friends with and had a technological connection to. This week, I explored the Facebook audience insights, to see what the majority of an audience looks at while browsing. As I scrolled down my News Feed, I saw one specific ad that seemed just too familiar. I started to repeat the name of the brand over and over again in my head. “no regrets for bridget, no regrets for bridget, no regrets for bridget…..”. Why did this name sound so familiar? After a long hour of thinking, I realized that this brand was one that I recently discovered on Instagram, which then connected to my facebook account afterwards. I decided to use the audience insights feature to try and understand who was the intended audience of the ad, and dig deeper into how marketing/branding works. It was time to be a detective and use the worldofwave sleuth skills to find out more! The spotlight is on the new and upcoming brand ‘No Rest for Bridget‘, which is a Los Angeles based fashion brand. Their style gives off a laid back and breezy beach vibe, that consists of light and pastel hues. With button down striped shirts, gingham skirts and off the shoulder tops, summer never ends with this brand.

Using facebook insight information, I was able to guess what the intended audience would be for this brand. I narrowed down my search to only Vancouver and then I could see that within the age range of 18-27 years old, 52% of that entire population was female. Of the entire group, the insights page also showed me that 63% of everyone within this group was single. With a greater number of women in this age category, No Rest for Bridget was focusing their product and brand to the right market and audience. With a mix of different basics and patterns for all types of clothing, there is a combination of youthfulness, fun, and versatility in their pieces. They utilize various forms of communication and marketing, through Facebook, Instagram, and their website to build a foundation for their brand and overall image that they portray to the public. Their style is similar to my own and the aesthetics focus on light and breezy hues, while tailoring their theme to a bohemian and relaxed vibe.

Seeing how this brand has grown immensely from their own branding, I hope to focus on my own marketing in this way. The aesthetics of this are very similar to mine, and I hope to utilize their skills as a basis for my own inspiration and personal growth on the website.

Until next time!