Hey you! Yes you, the one reading this right now! Welcome the worldofwave. Jumping right into what this week is all about, one of the topics I am most passionate about is fitness and lifestyle. I talk about my personal experience with exercise and athletics in one of my previous posts here. , so be sure to have a peek over there! This week, is all about the fitness journey that you can take, to reach your own full potential and gain a new kind of confidence that you may have not ever felt before. RideCycle was the first place that I have had such an empowering and motivating experience, because of the people, community, and overall experience in the studio. Staying active and fit can be a true challenge and struggle for the daily routine, but with the motivation and encouragement you can do amazing things. Our individual bodies are one-of-a-kind, because they contain power, strength, patience, and stability that we may not know we ever had in ourselves. I recently completed the 30 day challenge at RideCycle Club, and it was one of the most uplifting and life changing experiences yet. Looking back at my first day of class, I was intimidated, scared, and nervous to begin an intense journey. When I was younger, I was afraid to wear tighter shorts or pants because of my body shape. People in high school used to say that the girls with ‘bigger thighs’ have “thunder thighs”, which made me self conscious of my athletic build and the overall structure of my body. I would try to cover up my legs with longer shirts and looser pants, but as I got older I realized something that changed my whole perspective. Being fit is something that comes in all sizes, and in order to be truly comfortable with who you are, you have to love yourself and all the ‘flaws’ that you may see in yourself.

This truth finally came to me as I started playing sports in high school and continued athletics in university. Although I became more comfortable with myself in university, my RideCycle Club experience is what pushed me to new limits and kept me mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. For all the early 6AM classes, ultra sweaty rides, sore leg days, and self-doubt, the journey to where I am today is truly rewarding. We ride in a studio on individual bikes, but whenever I enter the class I feel as though I am part of a team, a collective. No one is competing against each other to ride faster, but rather to motivate and challenge each other to move faster and try new choreography. Developing a sense of self-love and pride for yourself can be a lifelong challenge, but with RideCycle I feel the constant support and empowerment from every instructor and individual at the studio. We lift each other up to be better people and strive to achieve goals that we set for ourselves. Each session is a combination of endurance, cardio, strength conditioning, and choreography movement. The Ride experience doesn’t end here, because the feeling of conquering and success that is within the sweat is the symbol of your accomplishment. As the intensity increases and you begin to find yourself getting lost in the beat of the music, you have reached the beginning of your RIDE journey. If you are interested in trying our RideCycle, do not forget to check out their website and sign up!

When in doubt, pedal it out!