Happy Monday my lovely friends!

It’s been a minute since the last time, but this week there have been some new things happening around the blog. Just this past Friday, I started a challenge that I have been meaning to do for the past few months on my Instagram page. Every day for the month of February, I want to pass on ‘Good Vibes’ and spread positivity to others around me by posting a motivational quote or message to my story each day. If you are interested in joining me on this challenge, be sure to post a motivational quote or message with the #28dayswithwave. Often, I see many blogs and instagram pages that only focus on fashion, style, or design that is solely based on commodifying or selling a particular brand or company. I understand that these types of blogs have a particular theme, but I came up with the idea to combine two different focuses; style and empowerment. Fashion and style have always played a major role in my life, because it served as my way of self expression and individuality. On the other hand, empowering individuals and spreading positive messages to others has been another way I express who I am.

As a student, I have experienced my own challenges within school and in other parts of my life. Keeping a positive and strong mind is something that can be hard to reach, that’s why I wanted to start this challenge off for February. I may not receive many responses or have acknowledgement, but that is not what is important. The most important thing, is that YOU have the ability to make an impact on someone’s life in a small or large way. We all have our good days and the bad, but when an act of kindness, love, or empathy is present it makes the world of a difference. This blog has been growing and I hope that it continues to. Over the course of the week, I have noticed that incorporating the daily quotes/messages to my website are hard to link, that is why my social media is directly connected. Every day, I will be updating the site and ensuring that a new motivational message is available for everyone. Sometimes, we all need a reminder about life and how amazing it is. If you want to be part of my #28dayswithwave challenge, be sure to check out

Cheers to a fab week!