Who have you shared your heart with and what parts of it have remained with you?  It’s been a long time since I stepped foot onto worldofwave.ca, but I have been trying to slowly return.  These last few months have been challenging for many including myself, so I want to extend my heart out to those around me.  In this very moment it may feel stressful, overwhelming, frightening or uncertain but I hope you know that there are people around you who care about your wellbeing.  Every individual is doing their best to stay strong and resilient through these times and that is true heart work and soul in action. 

In previous blog posts, I have touched on what ‘heart work’ is, and my interpretation of it.  You can read more about it here and see what it means to me.  This week I wanted to challenge myself and readers to take a moment to look deeper into our heart and the ‘soul purpose’ we connect it with.  Often when we talk about our hearts, words that may come to mind are love, heartbeat, organ, but I want us to think further into who our hearts cross paths with and the courage it takes to share parts of our hearts with others. 

So what does it mean to share your heart? I want you to think about the feelings you get when someone else shares a personal story with you, or when you have a sense of comfort in sharing a personal story with someone else.  What prompts you to share and how did you channel that courage to become vulnerable with them?  I look back on my own experiences and sometimes I’m not able to explain that feeling in words, because the level of vulnerability came so naturally.  It was a spark in my heart that was telling me that I was safe, protected and unjudged, no matter what I shared with someone.  A sense of peace, deep connection and authenticity that was raw and real within someone else, that encouraged me to be myself and nobody else.  Although I experience sharing my heart in this form, others may experience it differently.  There is no single way of how we could share our hearts, and that is what makes each of us unique and authentic.  Instead the common thread we share amongst all of us, is that we embody our wholehearted selves when we choose to share our hearts with others. 

We can all have different interpretations of what the heart represents, but I interpret the heart as a place of vulnerability, compassion, love, depth and heart work. 

  • Sharing your heart, may mean providing compassion or love for those who need it most.
  • Placing yourself in a vulnerable position to express how you feel and taking the leap to be open and honest.
  • Demonstrating to someone else or people around you, that they are important to you.

Sharing my heart means……….

Sharing my heart means giving to those who may need compassion, care and kindness.

Sharing my heart, means taking time for myself and using moments of the day to reflect on my actions.

Sharing my heart, means wholeheartedly expressing how I feel to someone and being truthful to myself and the other person.

Sharing my heart means caring for the ones I love and caring for myself at the same time.

Sharing my heart means being vulnerable and genuine to those who have importance to me.

Sharing my heart means lifting others up, when they need it most. 

Over the past few years, one major lesson that I have learnt is how to find balance in sharing the heart.  In many experiences, you may have noticed within yourself that you gave endless amounts of time, energy, support and compassion for someone else.  You brought your wholehearted and authentic self to this other individual and did not hesitate to think twice about this other person.  Sharing your heart is so important to learning about yourself and your soul.  One way you can think about this, is by making a list of individuals that you would share your heart with and writing the reasons for it.  Your list may be short or long, but regardless of the length it is important to visually see who you balance your heart with. 

Although we often associate sharing with the act of giving to others, sharing your heart does not always have to be centered around other people within your life.  Sharing your heart also symbolizes taking care of yourself and being that genuine soul for you… and only you.  This does not mean that you do everything for yourself, but there are moments where you will have to prioritize your own emotional wellbeing.  Although it can be so challenging for some to place yourself as the priority, taking care of yourself means that you can then take care of others after. 

Sharing the heart is one part of the heartwork journey, so what is the soul purpose?  We often use the term ‘sole purpose’, but the reason for the change in words is to focus on how our purpose is in connection with our heart and soul.  There can be many reasons behind your purpose and how you view yourself, so how would you answer the question of ‘what and who sparks my soul? What is the meaning behind who I am and what is my purpose?’.  You may or may not have an idea of how to answer this question, and that is okay.  Every individual is on a unique journey to find themselves and what drives their soul each and every day. It may take days, months, or years to find that ‘soul purpose’, and that is completely acceptable because often it will change as we enter different stages of our lives. 

Wherever your journey takes you and whoever you choose to share your heart with, I hope that it becomes an experience that allows you to learn more about yourself in the process.

All the best,